1968 Comeback Special

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Elvis’ manager Colonel Tom Parker began negotiations with NBC in October of 1967 to produce a Christmas TV special slated for the 1968 Christmas season.  Little did they know that almost 50 years later we would still be talking about it! It was NBC’s highest rated show that season, capturing 42 percent of the total viewing audience that night.  NBC vice-president Tom Sarnoff announced the agreement on January 12, 1968. Elvis’ first television appearance in more than eight years would be a Christmas special for which NBC would pay $250,000. Bob Finkel was the executive producer of the special. He had produced the successful variety series ‘The Andy Williams Show’ for which he had Emmy nominated three years in a row. This would be the first time in American History that a single artist has had his or her own 1-hour television special.   Its success led to Elvis’ return to the music charts with “Suspicious Minds” and “The Wonder of You,” record-breaking shows in Las Vegas and sell-out tours.  The show was recorded in Burbank, California in late June and aired on December 3rd, 1968.  A classic.

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